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Soho Cigarette Holder - Keun Cornflower Blue

Our slick new Soho Cigarette Holder adds a touch of downtown sophistication to your session. When you use this holder, there is no longer any contact between your lips and your papers. This keeps your smoke nice and firm and your lips stay perfect.

But a good cigarette holder is much more than just an accessory. It protects your neck, fingers, makeup and clothes. Plus, it helps you get the most out of your mix. That's why a nice cigarette holder is the perfect addition to your stash bag.

The delicate Soho cigarette holder is also suitable for different filter sizes. You can smoke from both ends. A thinner filter fits in one end, a thicker one in the other.

Hand-blown by an artist in California, this exquisite glass cigarette holder is also available in Taeuber Tuxedo white, Gentileschi Green, Emin Orchid pink and Keun Cornflower blue.

Each hand-blown piece of cigarette holder is a unique work of art. Slight deviations are evidence of the handwork of the artist.

Materials | Mouth-blown borosilicate glass

For tobacco use only.