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AURIEY: Ready for take-off!


You are here – and we are going to take you on our journey to a world where you can be anything. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how you roll. Ditch the stigma and do it with chicness!

Cannabis and CBD are already part of our society. However, stylish accessories are not. We founded AURIEY in order to light up and finally give weed consumption a much needed upgrade. Our products are meant to jump-start a market that has stalled for the last few decades and set the standard for the next generation of stoners.

At AURIEY, you’ll find lovely chosen pieces that are often handmade and are always produced under fair conditions. From pipes over rolling trays to grinders and harvesting scissors – our accessories represent fine understatement and discreet noblesse. They reflect your personality and proudly decorate your home without hiding.

But we want so much more than just beautiful things that we love. Together with you, we build a community that is as diverse, colourful, tolerant and wonderful as life itself.

AURIEY marks the beginning of a new perception. We are looking forward to our journey together!

Anna & Philipp

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    Welcome to AURIEY - where you'll find the slickest Pipes, One Hitters, Grinders, Papers, and other dope accessories for all your smoking needs!



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