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Rolling Papers - Shroom


Sometime in the not too distant future you will be a bit older. A little wiser. The font on your iPhone will be four point sizes larger and your waistband may be a few inches wider. But fortunately that day is not today. So be silly. Smoke those silly rolling papers. Tell Darius this is your last job! Repeat that you mean business! Sneak into a bank under a fake identity! Keep a cool head when things go wrong! Rock your lover's head as he bleeds to death on the sidewalk behind an armored truck. Hand over the money to your cheating getaway driver. Promise to avenge Darius if it's the last thing you do. Live a little, you silly goose!


12 printed papers and 12 tips
100 percent organic plant-based ink
Organic/vegan gum arabic sticky tape
Organic Rice Paper