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Hudson Pipe-green


With our popular Hudson Pipes , you can relax and watch the smoke fill the chamber of the disc-shaped glass pipe as you take a hit. Or you decide on a - in the truest sense - opaque model and thus sharpen your sense of taste. Either way, the wide design of the Hudson pipe gives the smoke enough room to cool and soften before it reaches your lips. Even when not in use, the pipe loves to stay on your coffee table - as an incense stick holder, vase or paperweight. There are no limits to creativity with the Hudson Pipe (either way)!

Dimensions: approx. 9.5 cm in diameter x 1.9 cm in height

Included: 10 x Mesh Pipe Screens for a cleaner smoking experience.

Note: Each Hudson Pipe is hand blown with borosilicate glass using a variety of techniques, from cast to free form. By nature, our products can have unique and endearing character differences in colouring, shape or marking.