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Le Pipe—Mickalene Marigold


Smoke with even more style in the future! Our new Le Pipe is now also available in Mickalene Marigold. After all, why have just one pipe when you can have one for every occasion and every look?! Even…

Our slim Le Pipe makes your smoke look just as chic as you do thanks to its elongated silhouette. Influenced by the art and fashion scene, our pipe not only looks incredibly good, of course it can also do something! The longer body cools the smoke more effectively, making for an equally smooth and full-bodied hit.

The ceramic one hitter is made of robust earthenware and fits into any pocket or handbag, no matter how small. Also included is a step-by-step guide explaining the best way to keep your whistle burning.

Material: Stoneware with residue-free glaze

Care Instructions: Hand wash and replace if any cracks or tears develop over time. For tobacco use only.

Add more chicness to your smoke! Our new Le Pipe is now also available in different colours. Because why have just one pipe when you can have one to match every outfit? Exactly!

Our slim Le Pipe has an elongated silhouette that makes your smoke feel as stylish as you. Influenced by the latest trends in art and fashion, the pipe is not only a stunner, it also has some amazing skills! The longer body cools your smoke more effectively for a smoother, more powerful draw.

Our ceramic one-hitter is made of durable stoneware and will slip discreetly into your teeniest handbag or pocket. It also comes with a step-by-step guide for how to keep your pipe lit.

Material: Stoneware pipe with non-toxic glaze

Care Instructions: Hand wash, and replace if any cracks or crazing develop with age. For tobacco use only.