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Nebula Rolling Tray - Mickalene Marigold


Inspired by the iconic rolling trays found in Amsterdam coffee shops : our bestselling Nebula Rolling Tray is back! This small but very fine rotating board was specially developed to enable rolling in no time at all. Simply place the fold of your paper in the indentation of the tray, sprinkle in your mixture and the Nebula will hold it nicely in the center of your paper until you've sealed it tight. Of course you can also use the rolling tray as an ashtray. Or as a paper clip storage option. Or...

The House of Puff collection celebrates the work of female artists. Each handcrafted mini rolling tray is a unique work of art in itself. Slight glaze deviations testify to the handwork of the artist. Nebula comes with a step-by-step guide.

Material: glazed porcelain

Tip: Hand wash and replace if cracks or cracks may develop over time. For tobacco use only.

Inspired by traditional rolling trays of Amsterdam coffee shops: Our bestselling Nebula Rolling Tray is back again! The small but nice rolling tray is specially designed to make rolling a breeze. Just lay the crease of yours rolling papers in the dip of the tray and sprinkle in your mix. The clever VV design of the Nebula will keep the herbs nicely in the middle of your paper until you've sealed it up tight. Of course, you can always use it as an asian. Or a paper-clip holder. Or...

The collection by House of Puff celebrates the work of women artists. Each handmade mini rolling tray is a one of a kind work of art . Slight glaze variations show the artist's hand. Nebula comes with a step-by-step guide.

Material: glazed porcelain

Hint: Hand wash, and replace if any cracks or crazing develop with age. For tobacco use only