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Stona Grinder - Black Walnut / Deep Grey


The Stona Grinder made from walnut wood is equipped with two stainless steel cutting plates that quickly and easily chop your herbs. That's right! Unlike traditional grinders, this outstanding model precisely cuts the trichomes thanks to over 800 razor-sharp micro blades – not grinding them. As a result, the Stona Grinder offers a completely new grinding experience. You can determine how fine your smoking experience will be by simply exchanging the two grating plates according to your taste and needs.

Get excited about:

°Effortless grinding without jamming

°Two grind levels (fine and medium)

°Includes two interchangeable magnetic cutting plates

°Airtight storage chamber

°Mouth-blown "smoked" glass

°Easy cleaning

°Quality "Made in Germany"

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 cm