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Our love affair with the one-hitter - why you need one too!

Our love affair with the one-hitter - why you need one too!

Discover the advantages of the one-hitter - discretion, mobility and enjoyment in one!

A simple and discreet way to consume cannabis is the one-hitter. These little pipes are perfect for on the go and offer a stylish smoking experience. With a capacity of only 1-2 puffs, they are ideal for microdosing. In this article you will learn why you too should own a one-hitter and what the different types are.

Why a one hitter?

What do you do when you're in the mood for a little cannabis indulgence, but just want a little bit of it? A regular whistle would give you more than the 1-2 puffs you want. You might have half an old joint lying around, but old weed is not known to be the best weed. This is where the one-hitter comes in. Perfect for microdosing and on the go, these little pipes pack a powerful hit. Our "Le Pipes" are designed elegantly and stylishly. They allow for smooth and clean hits as the smoke cools on its way through the one-hitter's elongated shape before reaching your throat. With the one-hitter, you avoid harsh and scratchy inhales that could irritate your throat.

What is a one hitter?

One-hitters are one of our favorite cannabis accessories and there are many reasons to love them. These are small, slender pipes that hold enough cannabis for a hit or two. These pipes are designed to make consuming cannabis easy and convenient on the go. They fit discreetly in your pocket, purse or storage bag. Typically, one-hitters are made of glass, ceramic, metal, or wood and come in a variety of styles. So everyone can find the right one-hitter for themselves. The shape often resembles a joint or a cigarette. At one end of the whistle is a small bowl with a small hole through which the air passes. This is where you pack your cannabis. Bring the other end to your mouth to inhale the smoke.

Different types of one-hitters

All one-hitters have the same basic design, but differ in some details. There are three main types: bats, chillums and dugouts.

Bats are a type of one-hitter, so named because of their shape. They are reminiscent of a baseball bat or a cigarette. This type of one-hitter is often made out of metal. However, our ceramic bat, Le Pipe , is our favorite. Its minimalist simplicity is its strength and it is available in five delicious colors.

Chillums are tubular pipes traditionally made from soft stone or clay. They have been popular in the US since the 1960s but have a long history. Archaeologists have found early examples of such whistles in pre-Columbian America. They were also popular in India in the 18th century and later spread to Africa. Earlier chillums were used with a stone to avoid inhaling the actual herb, much like a filter or strainer. A chillum usually has a small hole drilled through the center of the pipe and slits on the sides that allow the smoke to pass freely.

Dugouts are slightly different from other types of one-hitters. They usually consist of a rectangular two-piece set that includes a storage case and a whistle. Therefore, they are not quite as small and discreet as other models. But dugouts are convenient all-in-one kits for on-the-go consumption. The storage case includes compartments for a one hitter pipe and ground up cannabis. The name "Dugout" apparently comes from the fact that they were originally made from a piece of wood that was hollowed out to create a hidden space for cannabis. But we also like the name because you can stick your pipe in the chamber and twist to pull out a well-packed bowl of cannabis. Voila!

The benefits of using a one-hitter

You have many options when it comes to cannabis accessories and consumption methods. So why a one hitter? These pocket-friendly whistles offer more benefits than you might think.


Cannabis legalization is imminent in Germany, so chances are you'll soon be living in a country where recreational use will be legal. Yet we're still fighting the stigma created by 85 years of Prohibition. Not everyone wants to openly display their cannabis use. Luckily, one-hitters are a great option for those of us who want to be more discreet. Due to their small size and slim shape, they can be hidden almost anywhere.

Perfect for on the go

Another benefit of the one-hitter's small size is that it's perfect for taking with you wherever you go. Do you want to take a quick smoke break after work? Fancy a train before hitting the nightlife? Put a one-hitter in your pocket and you're set. Pull it out for a quick hit. The smoke cools down almost immediately. After you're done, you can easily slip it back into your smallest purse.

Careful handling of your stock

In the cannabis world, there are few things worse than wasting good weed. Fortunately, there are ways to conserve your stash. With bongs and pipes, it's too easy to grab the entire bowl even if you don't want to smoke it all. But packing too much often results in the herb being wasted. With joints, you can let them go out when you're done and relight them later. But once you've lit a joint, the herb is never as fresh as before. With a one-hitter, you use very little weed. You smoke exactly the amount you want.

One-hitters make microdosing easy

Microdosing is becoming increasingly popular as it gives you all the benefits of cannabis without making you too strong. Microdosing can also have health benefits, like better sleep, relieving anxiety, and even helping with menopause. One-hitters are perfect for small doses. So you are a game changer for microdosers. Edibles and tinctures are also often used for microdosing. But after consuming edibles, you have to wait up to 4 hours to feel the full effects. If you've taken too much, you have no choice but to wait... sometimes 8-9 hours. When you inhale, on the other hand, you feel the effects almost immediately. So you can puff as needed to work out your personal dosage. A one-hitter only holds about 25mg of weed. Depending on the strain, you only get a few mg of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. This is a perfect way for microdosing.

Environmental friendliness of one-hitters

One of the many benefits of one-hitters is that they are an environmentally conscious smoking method. In this day and age, more and more people are thinking about how to reduce their carbon footprint. This also applies to our cannabis consumption. Unlike rolling papers, one-hitters are reusable. And unlike many vaporizers, they are not made out of plastic. You also don't need batteries or electricity to charge.

How do you use a one hitter?

We love how easy one-hitters are to use. And we think you will too! Using a one-hitter is similar to smoking a larger pipe. All you need is your one-hitter, your chosen type of broccoli, and a lighter. Grind your herb and pack it in the bowl of the pipe. If you pack it properly and your herb is fresh, it should hold up well in the bowl and not fall out. Hold your one-hitter with the mouthpiece towards your mouth and bring the flame of your lighter to the bowl of the pipe. The trick is to hold the whistle at an angle to keep the flame as far from your face as possible.

Taking care of your one-hitter

As with any cannabis accessory, it's important to clean your one-hitter regularly to ensure the best experience. One of the advantages is that they are easy to clean. You don't have to clean them every day, but regular cleaning is definitely advisable. Otherwise, resin will form, which can restrict airflow and affect the enjoyment of your cannabis.